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Unique Hotel Post
Zermatt since 1875

A journey through 140 years


In the middle-ages the Thodulpass was chosen by the muleteers to cross the border from Italy to Switzerland.
In 1838 the Hotel Cervie was the first house offering three guest beds and in 1865 Edward Whymper brought tourism to Zermatt by being the first man to climb the Matterhorn. Ten years later Johann Lauber opened the “Hotel de la Poste” with 20 guest beds.


    The lombard, Dr. Achille Ambrogio Damiano Ratti, was already tempted in his younger days by greatness. In 1889 he climbed the Matterhorn and the Monte Rosa. During that time he lodged at the hotel post and 33 years later he “climbed” the holy ladder to become Pope Pius XI.


      In 1897 two teachers and business colleagues from Stalden and Visp, Ferdinand Mathier and Caesar Gattlen, great-great grandfather of the current proprietor, purchased the “Hotel de la Poste” in an auction. They were also ambitious and built two more floors.


        During the summer months the daughter of Ferdinand Mathier and the eldest son of Caesar Gattlen ran the hotel.  In 1903 Berta Mathier and Caesar Gattlen junior married. 
        Judging by the numerous personnel employed by 1916 it is clear that quality and service were already very important in the Hotel de la Poste.  In the picture you can see them together with several war interns that lived in the hotel at that time.


          When Walter (left in the picture from 1920) and Fernanda Gattlen (right) took over the hotel as the third generation, they rented it out during off-seasons to private schools such as the "Institut Walter" or the "Institut le Grand Verger".
          During these times, young ladies instead of hotel guests, were hosted at the hotel, including the daughters of King Faruk of Egypt.

            FAMILIAL BONDS

            Herbert, the brother of Walter and Fernanda Gattlen, saved the succession of the family and business through his two children called Bertie and Francis. After the early death of their mother, the two children found a second home at the "Hotel de la Poste" with their aunt and uncle. Their memories of exciting excursions with their father (picture) last forever.


              After 68 years the Gattlen siblings leased the hotel to Karl Ivarsson in 1959. The american-norwegian "bon-vivant" created a new standard of entertainment throughout Zermatt.

                THE WILD YEARS

                Karl Ivarsson leased and ran the Hotel Post for 42 years until 2001. Only four words are needed to describe all the legendary stories of these wild years:  "the great swiss disaster"

                  BACK TO THE ROOTS

                  At the end of 2001, Martin Perren, the son of the former owner Bertie Perren-Gattlen, took over the hotel with his wife Daniela. Together they met the challenge with courage, vim, spirit of innovation and valaisan charm.

                    TRADITION AND MODERNITY

                    In 2007 the hotel received a new lease of life. Except for the outer walls almost everything was refurbished, with respect given to the history of the masonry. The Perren family wished to preserve the unique character and authenticity of the well-respected house. After only eight months of construction work the "Unique Hotel Post" shone with beauty.


                      Not only 29 4* superior rooms and suites in mountain-lodge style and a compact, lovely, spa area, but also 4 high-quality restaurants and 5 clubs/bars leave nothing to be desired by our guests. Those seeking the extraordinary in Zermatt will find it in our Unique Hotel Post.